International Economics

International economics is a broad field of study with applications covering economic integration, goods and services trade, migration, outsourcing/offshoring, foreign direct investments, capital flows, exchange rates, balance of payments and many other topics.

TEDUTRC differentiates itself by focusing on current issues and challenges in international economics to further the existing knowledge in the area by providing in-depth analysis and policy recommendations.

Examples of TEDUTRC expertise:

  • Services trade
  • Macroeconomic and microeconomic issues in goods trade
  • Economic integration
  • Migration
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Capital flows
  • The effects of exchange rate fluctuations

Turkish Economy:

Turkey is a unique economy with its dynamic labor market, geopolitical position and its strategic location at the intersection of trade routes. This brings advantages as well as challenges that are different from other emerging markets.

TEDUTRC aims to focus on the current issues and challenges of Turkish economy and to provide in-depth analysis in order to extend academic-based knowledge in the area as well as to guide the policy-makers in their decisions.

Examples of TEDUTRC expertise:

  • Productivity and growth
  • Sectoral and firm characteristics
  • Monetary policy and its effectiveness
  • Fiscal policy structure
  • Migration and remittances
  • Current account deficit and its sustainability
  • Trade policy