Çalışma Tebliğleri

  • “ Transparency of Monetary Policy in the Post-Crisis World” 
    Dincer, N.N., Eichengreen, B. and P. Geraats


  • “Central Bank Mandates: How Much Do They Differ, and How Much Do They Matter?” 
    Dincer, N.N. and B. Eichengreen


  • “The Effects of Network Services Trade Barriers on Goods Trade” 
    Dincer, N.N. and A. Tekin-Koru


  • “Employee Training and Export Performance” 
    Dincer, N.N., Köymen-Özer, S. and A. Tekin-Koru


  • “The Cost of a Missing FTA: The Case of Turkey and Algeria” 
    Dincer, N.N., A. Tekin-Koru and P. Yaşar


  • “The Relationship between Adult Education and Poverty Alleviation in Turkey” 
    Cilasun, S.M., Demir-Şeker, S., Dincer, N.N. and A. Tekin-Koru


  • “Gains from Trade due to Within-Firm Productivity: The Role of Services Exporting” 
    Dincer, N.N. and A. Tekin-Koru


  • “The Role of Quality, Productivity and Services Trade in the Export Performance of Turkey,”  
    Dincer, N.N., Lugovskyy, V., Tekin-Koru, A. and A. Waldkirch


  • “Environmental Policy and Productivity: A Micro Data Analysis with New Measures” 
    A. Tekin-Koru